Range of services

Professional legal services in the field of civil and commercial law.

Comprehensive, permanent and ad hoc service to business entities

  1. Legal services in the field of contracting, in particular:
                1. negotiating and editing contracts, including with foreign contractors,
                2. creating a legal framework for business cooperation, including forms of                            institutionalized cooperation.
    2. Legal and tax consulting, in particular:
                1. taxpayer representation in tax and audit proceedings,
                2. taxpayer representation in court administrative proceedings,
                3. ongoing service and advice on the correctness of settlements with the budget.
    3. Representing clients in disputes with their contractors during out-of-court negotiations (settlements) and legal representation.
    4. Legal services for entity and capital transformations, divisions, mergers and acquisitions of enterprises, including:
                1. preparation and legal assistance in the realization of transformations and                          reorganization,
                2. legal due diligence of enterprises,
                3. designing and negotiating documents (contracts, resolutions, regulations etc.)                  constituting the basis of the process and further functioning of transformed                          (acquired) enterprises.
    5. Establishment of companies and other entities, including:
                1. preparation of contracts, statutes, protocol resolutions, regulations, etc.
                2. legal services for the first shareholders’ meetings in established companies,
                3. registration procedure (National Court Register).
    6. Ongoing legal assistance and legal representation in employee matters.
    7. Participation in negotiations with domestic and foreign contractors.
    8. Court debt recovery.

Legal services in trading and management of real estates.

In this area, in addition to, of course, the typical service of real estate transactions, legal assistance covers, in particular, issues of functioning of homeowner associations, support provided to property managers, relations between co-owners, etc.


Ad hoc legal assistance provided to natural persons

In this segment, the Law Firm deals with the representation of taxpayers in proceedings conducted by tax authorities and fiscal control authorities.

In addition, the Law Firm undertakes claiming the satisfaction of property damages of a larger size, primarily caused by unlawful or erroneous actions of public authorities or insurance companies.


Due to the developed and proven business profile, the Law Firm does not provide legal services in family and criminal matters, with the exception of matters related to the services provided to entrepreneurs, such as penal fiscal proceedings resulting from tax proceedings.

The services presented in this information are provided by the Law Firm depending on the client’s individual needs, if necessary as part of a comprehensive service of the company’s intentions, always respecting the principles of confidentiality, loyalty, reliability and professional ethics.

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