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Learn more about our history and experience and learn the reasons why you should trust us.

We have been helping our clients since 1989

The tradition of the activity on the Bydgoszcz market of the „TEBI” Law Firm managed then by legal counsel Tadeusz Bojarski dates back to 1989. „TEBI” – Doradcy Prawni Sp. z o.o. started it’s activity in May 1989 as one of the first companies of legal counsels in Poland. Thanks to a team of specialists with many years of extensive experience in servicing business operations, the Company has undertaken activities in the field of legal services for companies, especially medium and large enterprises, their restructuring, creation of new entities, etc.


our specializations

Service for companies

Both permanent, comprehensive and ad hoc legal services for business entities


Real estate services

Legal services in real estate trading and management for real estate companies and institutions


Service of natural persons

Doraźna pomoc prawna udzielana osobom fizycznym

Why choose TEBI?

Great experience

We have extensive experience in the field of legal services, for we have been operating for many years in this sector, achieving a great number of successes resulting in winning cases.

Knowledge of the latest provisions

We are constantly updating our knowledge in the field of law by training and gaining practical knowledge in the course of conducting many cases.

Over 1000  won cases 

We are proud to have won many cases, because we approach our work professionally.


Integrity in customer relations

We always try to reach the client’s expectations and establish a specific action plan with him so that our client is satisfied, because cooperation and honesty from both sides is the most important.

Our principles


Reliability in action

Our Firm is represented by qualified cadre, maintaining the highest standards. To solve a given problem, we try to cooperate with the best specialists. Our employees are a strong point of our company. They are real specialists who have an excellent education. They are characterized by openness, reliability in performing assigned tasks and valuable experience. It’s a team that can work with passion, because work is their passion. Thanks to this, they are familiar with the topic and reliably approach every case.


Honest communication with the client

Our firm is characterized by ethics, morality and fair business conduct. TEBI is a firm which is honest in contacts with both its clients , and fulfills its obligations, and empoyees – acts fair towards the community in which it works. Each time we try to get information from the customer related to the solution of the problem. We want to know the client’s needs in the best way possible thanks to appropriate communication from both sides. We always focus on honesty and loyalty. From all best sides, we strive to reach the problem to solve it, so that the client is satisfied.


Focus on effectiveness


For the past few years, the Company expanded its activity, providing services not only for entrepreneurs from the region. The amendment to the Act on legal coundels made in 1997 forced organizational changes in a dynamically developing law firm. Therefore, it became necessary to give up the formula of a capital company.

Starting from 2003, due to the constant expansion of the Law Firm’s team, and in particular the expansion of its members by young, well-educated lawyers, it continued its activity in the form of a general partnership, thereafter transformed into a professional partnership.

Recent years have brought further development of the Law Firm and significant expansion of its clientele, while maintaining the Law Firm’s profile focused on business operations.

The systematic acquisition of new clients and the expansion of cooperation areas resulted in the need for specialization within the Law Firm between individual members of its team. Substantive customer service is provided by persons belonging to corporation of legal counsels and barristers, assisted by legal trainees, taking into account the mentioned specialization.

The last period of activity brought the need to move the office of the Law Firm to a new, larger premises in a more convenient location, on the first floor of the recently given for use building at 31 Poznańska Street.

At the beginning of 2016, the group of partners of the Law Office has increased. Apart from Tadeusz Bojarski and Maciej Marzec, it currently consist of legal counsels: Ewa Kwiatkowska and Anna Gorzka – Augustynowicz. The current management of the Office is exercised by the President of the Partnership – legal counsel Maciej Marzec.

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